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Member Plus Family Practice is a unique and personal approach to health care for you and your family. Memberships allow you more access to the doctor and staff by belonging to a smaller, more responsive practice.

You will benefit with a personalized healthcare team creating a cohesive, long-term approach to your medical care. Dr. Crandell is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He and his staff are committed to lasting, friendly and trusting relationships with you and your family.

The membership is designed to be affordable to most individuals and families. The cost ranges from a little more than two dollars a day for an individual to just over three dollars a day for a large family. Get-acquainted visits do not require membership. However, membership is required for equitable, continuing care with the services you will enjoy as a member. You’ll be delighted as you step into the remarkable and devoted atmosphere of a practice tailored to you.

  1. 24/7 availability by telephone.
  2. Email access to Dr. Crandell and Staff through a secure patient portal (Elation Passport)
  3. Dedicated staff who:
    • Do regular post-visit follow-up to see how you are doing and whether you need help.
    • Assist you in tracking your healthcare issues including reminders for preplanned physicals, monitoring visits, procedures and tests.
    • Coordinate referrals to specialists, make appointments and help you receive timely reports.
    • Assist with arranging resources in the community when a member is ill, injured or disabled or dealing with the physical challenges of aging.
  4. Respond to any healthcare related question you may have. If they don’t know the answer they will work to find the answer.

Additional Details

What is Member Plus Family Health?

Member Plus Family Health is a unique and personal health care practice limited to a small number of families on and around Bainbridge Island.

The practice was founded by Dr. Gregory E. Keyes, an esteemed family physician in the Pacific Northwest, who practiced on Bainbridge Island for over 25 years before retiring in 2017. Dr. Blain Crandell joined the practice in 2013, bringing his wide-ranging perspective earned by medical practice in rural Washington and New Zealand, as well as in Kitsap County.

The “member-based” approach draws on the best of traditional, personalized medicine combined with the convenience of modern communication tools to bring patients greater access to doctors, a highly-skilled support team and individual medical information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The practice is centered on building long-term, personal relationships with patients that afford more meaningful dialogue about personal health issues and foster a greater understanding of how to optimize health and wellness on an ongoing basis. By taking the time to closely track patient healthcare conditions and create a plan for reaching personal health goals, Member Plus Family Health serves to ensure greater quality and continuity of care.

What is “Membership-Based” Health Care?

To provide for extra-flexibility in scheduling, 24/7 access to the physician, and longer appointments—in addition to more personalized care—Member Plus Family Health introduced the concept of a modest monthly membership fee. The membership is designed to be affordable to most individuals and families, ranging from a little more than a dollar a day to just over three dollars a day for a large family. Get-acquainted visits do not require membership.

Why is Member Plus a good idea for families?

What’s this about Electronic Access and ME+?

Member Plus Family Health has introduced a secure electronic patient portal called Elation Passport to provide for two-way communication between patient and doctor, as well as access to lab test results and other documents the doctor may wish to message you about. Have a question about your health or need to arrange a prescription refill? Access to Elation Passport and Member Plus is as close as your nearest desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. Now you can interact with Member Plus while you’re on the go, on the ferry, or on vacation, around the clock, around the island, and around the world.

Member Plus Health Care
123 Bjune Avenue, Suite 101
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
(206) 842-3222

Contact us to become a member

This is for Dr. Crandell. Dr. Crandell is a very good Dr. to me. He is very polite and has a great bedside manner. He is very easy going and I’m very lucky and happy that he is my Dr.
Mark F.