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July 16th, 2020

Dear Clinic Members,

Today’s newsletter is a very brief one.

We have been getting many calls from patients who have been seeing news reports, like this one on CNN, regarding studies suggesting that a person’s blood type may influence how susceptible they are to serious Covid19 illness. Patients are calling to inquire with us about their blood type and/or to request testing for blood type.

For decades now, the practice of testing a person for their blood type on a routine basis has *not* been part of any recommendation for health maintenance or surveillance. Consequently, we have never tested most of our patients for their blood type. In fact, most insurance plans do not cover testing for blood type except in anticipation of a blood transfusion.

Our recommendation to any of our patients who are curious about their blood type is that they consider donating at Bloodworks Northwest, our regional blood bank. You may request that you be informed of your blood type at the time of your donation, and they will be happy to send you that information after the donation has been processed.

Since blood banks nationwide are currently facing a serious shortage, this adds a compelling reason for you to donate. We hope you will consider doing this.

Warm regards,

Dr. Crandell and Staff