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Who are we:

Our goal is to develop and maintain a lasting, caring relationship with each of our patients so that they can be as healthy as possible. We understand that easy access and open communication are the first steps toward assuring the best medical care possible. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to health care on the premise that physical and emotional health go hand in hand. Dr. Keyes & Dr. Crandell and their staff will always strive to be good listeners and will encourage your active participation in developing your plan for optimal health.

I am so happy to have found Dr.Keyes. I feel comfortable talking to him about my health concerns. He truly listens to me and has my best interests at heart. He never makes me feel bad and he never rushes me.
Outi C.
Dr. Crandell is a caring, friendly, knowledgeable Doctor. I have never felt rushed in his office. Dr. Crandell explains issues well. The whole staff at Member Plus Family Health are respectful, caring and friendly.
G. C.
This note is one of confidence in and praise of Dr. Crandell, his staff and nurses. Laurie and Darlene manage appointments, billings matters with friendly efficiency. Nurses Betsy, Heidi & Laurie provide medical skills with extraordinary personal warmth. Dr. Crandell provides focused personal attention and access to Seattle & Silverdales’s best-gualified specialists.
There is no dollar amount that can be affixed to the worth of expert medical advice at 2:00am when your little one is sick, or the Saturday afternoon visit to the house when your husband has thrown his back out.
Cindy, Brett and Zoe B.
Dr. Crandell and staff offer the best medical care one could hope for. We count our lucky stars at the good fortune of being cared for by Member Plus Family Health. We are 78 years old and have experienced good health care and excellent doctors in Philadelphia, Lousiana, England, and Oregon but Dr. Crandell and staff are outstanding – the very best one can hope for.
John F. and Maima T.
In my daughter’s words, “He is the best doctor because he is nice and loves me.” Doesn’t that say it all?
Cindy, Brett and Zoe B.
This is for Dr. Crandell. Dr. Crandell is a very good Dr. to me. He is very polite and has a great bedside manner. He is very easy going and I’m very lucky and happy that he is my Dr.
Mark F.
The quiet, professional and caring staff in Dr Keyes’ office are a testimonial to the sensitive and reliable commitment of the man whose name is on the door!
Joe and Deirdre H.
Dr. Keyes’ family practice is everything we could wish for in primary care medical service. He provides attentive care and followup, consumate yet friendly professionalism, superb staff support and amazing accessibility.
Lee and Raima C.
When we look for a Doctor we look for someone who is confident, empathetic, humane, personal, forthright, respectful and thorough. Dr. Keyes has all those traits and we are fortunate to have him as our Doctor.
Judy K.