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Cindy, Brett and Zoe B.

Dr. Keyes is the family physician that some of us were lucky enough to grow up with 30 years ago. In the present day of impersonal, assembly line delivered care, Dr. Keyes is an anomaly, and in many ways, a treasured throw back. When I met him 7 years ago, in his Norman Rockwell lined office space and his wonderful bow ties, I knew I had discovered someone special. I was coming from a large city where no matter how much I paid I couldn’t find a Dr. who would allow time for mutual communication.

When I showed up in his office, as a tourist, with a baby who had an upper respiratory infection, he came out to the waiting room to greet me, reassured me and took an unscheduled look at my little one. He listened to why I was worried (we had to get on a plane in two days and I was afraid that her ears would cause her great pain etc… etc) and explained what could be done. I exhaled with relief that I was not alone in my concern for my child.

Then the magic happened…..he said, “Where are you staying? I’ll come by tomorrow and see how she is doing.”

My jaw dropped, my head reeled, I was astonished and confused. Did he just say what I thought he said? Omg….at last.

Dr. Keyes is not ordinary. He becomes part of the family, he and his beautiful wife gently lead our community, ….he makes house calls, hands out healthy Halloween treats, refills a treasure chest for his child members, he gives you his contact if he is on vacation. “Are you kidding me?!” my friends exclaim. No kidding, he actually cares about his patients.

Dr. Keyes, with decades of outstanding clinical experience behind him, is an expert at diagnosis, listening, patience, and providing the most effective remedy to his members. There is no dollar amount that can be affixed to the worth of expert medical advice at 2:00am when your little one is sick, or the Saturday afternoon visit to the house when your husband has thrown his back out.

In my daughter’s words, “He is the best doctor because he is nice and loves me.” Doesn’t that say it all? In our time of rushing, sterile distance and overwhelming selfishness, somehow this compassionate and brilliant caregiver has carved out the time and effort to express love to a child. Needless to say, Dr Keyes’ presence is an irreplaceable staple in all of our lives and one for which we will never forget to give thanks.

Jennifer M.

Dr. Keyes was my childhood doctor. I’m 36 now, and live with my husband and our two children on an idyllic little family farm in Whatcom County. I remember Dr Keyes fondly; he made me feel so safe and comfortable. As a small child, to me, he was funny and sweet and made shots less scary and stitches seem cool. As a teenager he was another adult I could turn to when I couldn’t go to my parents for some reason. He was a part of the foundation on which I built my self esteem, and as I kid I could use all the help I could get. He always treated me with more respect than any other adult I knew. When I got pregnant with my first child 11 years ago I interviewed 1/2 the pediatricians in Seattle looking for someone that would measure up because Dr Keyes taught me the enormous value of having a good pediatrician who knows your kids well, loves them, and is committed to their well-being.

David & Doreen C. and family

Our family have been patients of Dr. Keyes for the past eight years and have appreciated his kind demeanor and professionalism. He has always been willing to visit our home to treat our children as needed. This kind of home town service is rare to find in the medical world today. An added plus is the staff in his office, they are top notch!

Thank you all for being there for us!

Judy K.

My husband Gary and I are normally very healthy fit adults. In the past two years we have both encountered some medical issues. Greg and his staff responded quickly and efficiently to our needs. When my husband was taken to the hospital Greg was away on vacation. Nonetheless he facilitated Gary going to the correct facility and having a specialist waiting for his arrival. Greg not only called several times to make sure things were going smoothly but we heard frequently from his staff. Greg’s practice facilitated a smooth transition from out patient to hospital care.

I also had a medical issue recently. Dr. Keyes coordinated a quick response to my medical needs. There is a feeling of security knowing that if or when we need medical care Dr. Keyes is is our advocate. He supports his patients and respects all people healthy or ill regardless who they are. When we look for a Doctor we look for someone who is confident, empathetic, humane, personal, forthright, respectful and thorough. Dr. Keyes has all those traits and we are fortunate to have him as our Doctor.

Outi C.

I am so happy to have found Dr.Keyes. I feel comfortable talking to him about my health concerns. He truly listens to me and has my best interests at heart. He never makes me feel bad and he never rushes me. You are not just a patient to Dr. Keyes, he doesn’t have to look at his paperwork to know my name or the names of my children. He even has his nursing staff call us to follow up to make sure we have been to the lab or seen the specialist he referred us to or simply to remind us the kids are due for their vaccinations. My kids love going to see Dr. Keyes, he speaks to them directly and genuinely listens to what they are saying. His staff is just as fabulous as he is, they are polite and friendly and all treat me and my kids like old friends. We all feel very comfortably going to the office, the kids don’t even mind going there for shots – it is fabulous. Everyone should have a doctor like Dr. Keyes.

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